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Pvp speed button highly recommended

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Again i came against a player who just wanted me to give up by wasting my time. He always took the full time. His first action after about 20 seconds, the second, skip aktion always ain the last 2 sconds. If he had to skip his turn or discard cards, always in the last 2 seconds.The game last 80 minutes. That cant be. It was a joy to kill him with 7 actions, and let him wait 90 seconds for the final attack....i could waited longer for that attack but i wanted to get rid of him. 

Can we get a speed button please for pvp?

if i press it, my opponents time should be no longer 1 minute, it should be 30 seconds. For the player that push the button the time should go down to 25 seconds. Then If your opponent press the button too, both players should be at 20 seconds for her first 2 actions for the rest of the game. Sounds fair or?

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