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  1. Hi Is it possible to create your own deck for your teammates or is it fixed (with the exception of the upgrade options of course)? Best regards
  2. You have been disconnected from server....why does one get disconnected - bug, maintenance, sth else??
  3. Good point XIII I found the code via link so I didn't notice the news were exclusive to the PC version my bad and thank you for the clearification. Best regards
  4. That would definitely be a valid explanation. However it isn't stated anywhere that it is limited to certain platforms...
  5. Hi When trying to redeem the promo code "Wthunder" yesterday the 9th January at approx 9.30 pm (+1 time zone) - promo code where valid till 10th Jan. - it came up invalid. I tried and retried many times but no luck. Unless the deadline for the promo code follows a +4 time zone I believe something went terribly wrong. I use an Android platform. Kind regards and thank for a great game