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  1. Anyone tested the new squadmate? Worth unlocking?
  2. This forum is almost dead now but maybe someone will help me with advice I have nearly 30.000 coins saved and i have three options to spend them 1 - buy 50 iron runes and forge 2 - buy pack of 40 boosters 3 - upgrade KAI to max lvl (or Einar but i don't like him so much) Any advice? I have already Harald and Ray maxed out, i'm next to last lvl terminator, i'm already in superleague in PvP but i don't play it a lot. I have some amount of legendary items but mainly lvl 1 or 2 and i miss Rare and Epic teleports - i have only 2 Rare/4 effort and 1 epic/8 effort. Please help
  3. I don't know if it is a bug or not but 4h ago there was a special promo pack to buy and showed 12h countdown to get it and now after 4 hours it's gone. I know the promo was about to end today but when I had 12h countdown I expected I could buy it in the evening. My nick in the game is sajfert and I use galaxy tab pro and s6 active.
  4. Two months to get first full cards, close to my calculations (when you divide them by 2, i don't know why i counted 32 cards instead of 16 for full copy Right now it takes me about 1,5 hour but problem is i can't play everyday. The last level of terminator is completly useless but the level before is the one i need to get for 10.000. 30% less damage to squadmates would be very usefull to make all secondary objectives in campagain. By the way, the cunning scout isn't usefull anymore? I haven't done the last mission and have read that cunning scout is best for it. i haven't got scout developed at all so i wanted to save some coins to get him to lvl 5-6 to finish the last mission. But after the nerf it makes any sense? Last thing about survival - Ray has only one shield card which is chainsword. To make him live longer you need to use terminator shield that gives +1 to all allies. And i use veteran shield for it as well. It's important to keep squadmates protected so they survive longer and take damage from your hero
  5. I did survival couple of times lately, i don't know if the difficulty is easier now, because before i could make it only to wave IX. I play with melee terminator armour with Harald at lvl 10 and Ray at lvl 8. 1 - wolves - i have only one but it's a must to distract enemies form you. 2 - focus on low effort cards and -5 effort it's most important card in the game 3 - try group stunning as much as you can, harald with missle launcher or i use Ray with rocket launcher and stun card to get 3-4 heretics stunned. 4 - i noticed that if you stay close to the exit there is less of enemies spawned there. So i stay with both my squad mates near one exit and with hero in front of the other. With good shooting i can clear at least one exit and seriously damage the other before the rest of the heretics get me. During last waves i stay with everyone near one exit to clear it out. Usually Ray dies in 8th wave and Harald in 9th. Sometime he makes it into 10. Btw There is how many honored cards? I got combi flamer last time and did't see it described here. I wonder how many times you need to finish survival to max out Honored Thunder hammer and storm shield.. To max out each card you need 32 cards of that type, i know about at least 12 types of honored cards so with bad luck it's 384 cards to get. Let's say you are lucky and you get 2 cards each time and you finish challenge each time in about 2 hours, twice a day, so it's 96 days of playing each day twice to get maxed honored cards.. And if you play only one time a day it's half a year... not mentioning to upgrade Squad mates and terminator armour to max without spending. It will take me at least one year. I think i will give up much earlier..