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  1. Hey guys! Just found a new board game that's going live on Kickstarter next Monday. It's also an action based strategy game, you move your characters with a card deck. And it has a very cool theme, it's a mixture of Western and Cyberpunk (love that). And pretty cool: during the Kickstarter thing you can become a part of the game and a character in the retail version of the game! Check it out:
  2. Hi there! Perhaps it's a dumb question, but what is the community reputation?
  3. True! That's really a benefit.
  4. I'm also not so happy with the changes. Main problem is the hugh amount of effort cards in PvP. That makes the game less strategic and more random. Before the changes I could calculate with my effort. Now almost every attack raises effort. That makes planning almost impossible. That's a shame. And bringing just one wolf as a scout - ah, come on. That was the scout's strength! The scout cannot jump or teleport over other unites. At least the wolfs were a possibility to get over the ranks of the enemies. So, for me: I liked the game a lot more before the update. I'm not going to stop playing, but I'm not that enthusiastic as I was before.
  5. Now with the changes the survival mode is even harder for me. What do you think about the new difficulty of the survival mode?
  6. Hi together! I'm Dennis, some of you may know me cause of my Facebook posts. Ingame I'm rekoJ69.