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  1. First impressions are good. Graphics, sound and overall performance are in line with the system requirements list d. Gameplay is a little ... funny. As previously stated, the drop pod chaos marines start with 0 effort which can be a bad thing depending on what you were doing. Unlike the AI played Wolfs in the mobile version, the PC Wolfs appear to be rather hard of thinking, walking into the line of fire and missing way more often than chance says they should. As well, unlike the mobile game, your squad mates seem to 'level down' when you go back and replay old missions. This would be fine if you got the original reward, but you don't.
  2. Even so, it would be nice to have a chance at those unique items. I am not saying that new players should get every Friday promo code from the dawn of time, but access to unique items yes.
  3. How about allowing this (and any of the other 1 time only unique promos) to new players as a way to sustain interest in the game?