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  1. Salve i use a relife rune at second time but the challenge is over and my rune is done. .....
  2. kill you're kompagnons ... or better .... kill you're self ! ...verreckt ihr vasallen und schlampen des choas...!!! in honor for rus and the allfather
  3. Hello Support Team. In the new campaign level no. 2 "Labyrinth of fire" comes the order. "Come back to the ship!". I'm at the ship and the level does not end. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  4. hy OPR8R you're right , i am a newby (~ 3/4 year) i use a sniper deck too (i have a wolf with screamskill but i dont use this card's on my sniperdeck) DanMacGun's cards are all max. lvl. ergo i now he play the game long time before i found the app you say he is a top gamer...!?! maybe yesterday a top gamer can play a top match without this nooptactic... !!! TSirt is a top gamer...!!! a match against him is a real match my chance are minimal to win a match... but i have a chance... !!! @ FireOfWonder autowinbutton is a good word for this funkiller
  5. @ DANMAKGUN All you're card's (legendary too) are on maximum level!!! But can you win without use the wolfscream in chain, or without you're max. lvl. wolf's???? Sorry but i must say it too you. Only the best cards, are not enough for a good gamer. You're "tactic" (is the wrong name for you're style but i have no other word) is nooplike! Ergo: You are ... . Please Herocraft team, only one wolf on a deck and is the wolf on the map is the card not in the deck ( like a equipped weapon). And the real good gamer are on the best places and not the wolfnoops. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Prf.Dr.Fleischer.
  6. #*°¥%¶# piiieeeppp ppiieeeppp #&*"∆¶¥~# Server... This match was a perfect match, haevy but fair... 1 of ultimo matches are so funny, perfect balance, the enemy are not boring and not overskilled... the complete match and 5 matches before the game run, without any problems and then on the finish from the best match even ...(i don't now how many time ago... so long) this *#&¶¢π¥>~#*... [parental advisory] my ranking get down ergo this bug let me loose this fight and many many fight before this one
  7. salve @ all on pvp my enemy attack me (with ambush) i become a ragemode the enemy run to the explosive barrels attack there and become a ragemode too (i have ZERO ap) my enemy finish the round and become the next attack and i??? can only whatch my deadly end!!!???!!! that is not fair and please switch the dreck who become the ragemode first (only with zero ap) must have the next attack
  8. hy @ all last christmas give HEROCARDS everyone the promocards "WHITE WOLF'S RAGE" "WHITE WOLF'S FURY" & "WHITE WOLF'S WRATH" . Only 1 card per user. Any user attack me in 1 round with one of this cards 2×. Was it last christmas the 2. time they gives this cards ?
  9. ah ok thx for the answers this logik i understand thx again
  10. i am place 158 , win a match and now i place 160 ???????????????????????????????????????????
  11. so langsam hab ich das gefühl das dass game mich schlichtweg verarschen will.... 9 von 10 treffen mit dieser verkackten "TERRAIN HELLFIRE" OHNE "TRACKFINDER" scout or servo kackegal ich kann mich glücklich schätzen wenn ich in 1 von 10 fällen treffe so langsam macht das keinen spaß mehr und gottverdammt was is das fürn komisches zufallsprinzip welches bestimmt wie ich die karten bekomm ????
  12. oh ok sry yea he is tough who is tabletopgamer? run away with a very good skilled terminater.... that sux
  13. hy epic card you are TSIRT? Hohoho you are a very hard enemy. You use a servo deck, right? Oh so much time's i needed only one hit for ambush and kill you but with you're ap+ skills no chance. Any times it was not funny but a match with you is better then a match with a scout they use the noobbooster (wolfsscream) in a chain. See ya ... and i hope then i hit you. hahaha ^^
  14. The next unlogik ...for me... is, the card "HERETIC'S BANE" have a damage + chaineffect with energy weapens but why not with 'energy hammer & energy claw's'? I now a overskilled terminater is the pure hate and the members they run away like a chicken with a terminater, a loughnumber with hate effect, and damage can do they enough. But i don't understand this "Logik".
  15. Hi XIII what you mean with "-50% hitchance - hold card" ? I kill on the campaign everyone i haven't a card with this superskill.