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  1. I think i am on the right place!e
  2. The trick wiht scout was: cunning skill, equip 2 traitors doom. Then attack with a rare chainsword for 5 -4 efforts, then attack with an honored chainsword, whihc is 5-6 bringing you to 0 again.....
  3. Nop you dont need the terminator shield for your companions, your terminator will be normaly on the other side of the map. Thats the best... you let your wolf stay by your hero, if the wolf is killed, they run to your companions, you resummon the wolf and move a little bit with your companions and they run back to your wolf... wasting 2 complete turns for nothing.......and for the last sidemission you must kill the necronlord alone. Which is very hard but possible. I played 3 of the new missions with level 2-3companions incuding all sidemissions ( so i could finish 2 maps a day), but needed 15 to 20attempts for the last mission on solorun... the scout nerf is obvious, befor a scout could kill the necron lord with 60 hps lost total.... ( only read it , so i cant say it for sure.....) it might be still possible, but you will need a lot of honored cards for that. Its still better than powerarmor in the last level, but i did it with terminator and i am no scout player, my scout armor is on level 1:( your companions dont do much in survival, they make an alfastrike at the beginning of a weave and discard to optimal hand for next weave... sometimes you must slow down with your hero not to kill the last enemy too fast, because the discards takes too long...... exeptions is the last weave, there they join the fight,.... that goes faster:) i use the terminatorcompanion with greater teleport and the scout, which has only one shield weapon too. Til weave 10 they normaly get both about 300 damage. Which is sometimes more damage then my hero has taken at the end of weave 10.....
  4. The veteran set was changed, the shotgun is a use weapon now.
  5. And my first full honored cards where ready in april 17- i got the shield and the plasma gun a lot of time in the beginning.
  6. To max out, you only need 16 cards, i finished my first run in Feb 17;since then i finished a run nearly every day since that, now i have 11 of 12 honored weapons at a full copy and from 3 i have a second full copy. since the necron update i finish the run in 70 minutes with my terminator. With 2 wolfes your hero is normaly over 3000 hps. I had games where is was undamaged ( with healing of course). I know, that scouts could do it faster, but that might be over, because of the cunning can get up to 3 honored weapons from run, sometimes you get one for weave 8 and 9 and 10. and sometimes from 9 and 10. and you dont need the last level of your terminator, its a waste of coins, 2 handed weapons sucks and in survival you dont stand near your companions, i stand in front of my wolf, finishing the heretics, that ignore my terminator mostly and try to kill my wolf...
  7. If you want to give terminator a try, my fist success with it is written in the survival- discussion on februar 17- i think my equipment wasnt better then yours. I had 2 wolfes, but your legendarys are much better then mine at that time.
  8. Kai is perfect for survival with 2 granates, that can be used before a new weave startet, he is a good guy.i would prefer the stun card over the actionflamer. You should use at least 1 stuncard with your hero too. Thats my strategy . if they are busy, they cant damage you. A stunned opponent who goes after a wolf is my me the time to discard to the right cards.
  9. That are good legendary cards, but only 1 level 1 wolf? My legendarys are about yours, i dont have a single level 5 legendary, nearly all on level 3, including all necron legendarys. But you have no heretic bane? Tipp: keep 3 legendary hammers if you get another wolf, dont meld them, you need 2 wolfs of any level with any armor do do it. If you get hereretic banes, dont melt them, you need 2 level 1. if you forge, forge on hard, you are missing a lot of rares. dont use teleportcards with an effort of higher than 4. put the wolf in the deck, summon as soon as possible and let him run to hte other side of the map, dividing your enemys in smaller parts. keep away from the middle of the map at the start of the higher weaves, if they charge you from 3 sides you die, To equipment: forget all cards with costs of 8 ohigher, exeptions are the wolf and the combiflammer( which you dont have) dont raise your scout companion, you dont need so many high levels companions.
  10. Well got my second copy today... so time will be only 6 years...
  11. Did it with terminator armor, my advice: summon a wolf,( and let him stay here) , then open the gate and fight your way down the stairs to the chest, at that point stop shooting and take the chest. Let your companionas rush to the sides, they didnt surive that but they could open the door for me. Then run with karl to the endpoint, If i remember correcly i puted karl ,in The endzone and walked one step away to the endpoint fighting the boss. ( so i could end the game fast if it would be close, and karl uses his healing powers to keep us both alive.) it got close, but i got the ragebar to 100 killing the boss and walked into the enzone with my second action.
  12. For point 1 game crash: i found out, that you easily find out when the game has crashed, you dont get the direct message 'connecting to server' when that happed. So we dont have to waste our time here......
  13. I had a game against a scout... my blazing fury missed a lot of time, so i couldnt finish my opponent with my attack. He got his rage to 100 % lossing his effort ( feom about 30) and i fired an honored hand flammer on him with my last action and brought him down to 420 hps and 2 efforts. His turn! He moved in another position 2 squares away from me and fired an epic rocketlauncher that chains a stuncard. But that attack missed me! It seems that he could not get his rage attack, he wasnt surrounded by fire during the attack. Did anyone noticed something similar?
  14. And you only get the effort once. If you get 2 howl in a row, you only get +5 effort
  15. Welcome back, the last reset was on 30 mai prices are : 5000 coins for place 11-100 10000 for place 4 to 10. dont remember place 1-3 sorry, i cant reach them in this season, so i wasnt interested in it. place 10 is my goal:) the problem with prices is that you have to win 70 matches again to reach the league again. Which cost You more gold as 10.000 for the winning pricediffernce. Without that the winning prices would be okay, a special card would be perfect, but gold is good too.