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  1. Again i came against a player who just wanted me to give up by wasting my time. He always took the full time. His first action after about 20 seconds, the second, skip aktion always ain the last 2 sconds. If he had to skip his turn or discard cards, always in the last 2 seconds.The game last 80 minutes. That cant be. It was a joy to kill him with 7 actions, and let him wait 90 seconds for the final attack....i could waited longer for that attack but i wanted to get rid of him. Can we get a speed button please for pvp? if i press it, my opponents time should be no longer 1 minute, it should be 30 seconds. For the player that push the button the time should go down to 25 seconds. Then If your opponent press the button too, both players should be at 20 seconds for her first 2 actions for the rest of the game. Sounds fair or?
  2. I had he same problem, but a little different, i got the wrong armor(Terminator) ,i got the armor from my last solorun against the necronlord, not the one i had chosen(powerarmor) . And i was allone, like in the solorun. First i thought, i did something wrong, but my opponent was missing one companion too. My cards were normal in that game.
  3. And the taktik: instead of summon a wolf at the beginnig simply move backwards, so the 2 necrons in front of you dont shoot at you. Kill them and Advance to the labroom and summon a wolf and sent him backwards to your starting point. You can ignore the knights in that room, they will follow your wolf. If you have a stuncard teleport to the lord and stun him. Perfekt would be a stun given by he combyflammer that brings your rage to 100, but dont try too hard to get that. Karl: recklessly assault the minions with rangedweapons that ignore armor, let him die quickly... taktik against the lord: always try to stun the necronlord and have a high rage, when the horde comes near you, summon wolf and let him run to the point where i stand in the picture. The necorn lord will charge him and the other minions will do the same. When the wolf is dead teleport into the field facing the necron lord. At that point NEVER summon a wolf again. And dont move away. If you have another trick to lure the lord in that position, do that. He will get surrounded by his minions too, and wont move, when he stands in front of you and can attack you without moving. He always only did one attack to me in that position. There you can attack him , only one attack at a time, as long as your are sure, you cant rage, and wont rage because of the minions that will attack you . In that point only a small number of mionion attacks you. If you are close to rage, do an ambush attack with your combiflammer at whatever minion you want( thats the only point where an attack dont goes to the lord) getting some addional attacks , that should all go to the lord. The last of your attacks should be an honored attack, that trigger your rageattack, or you should be at 90 points and have at least a shield left, so the next attack to you will trigger it. Always replace your shields if you can, the anvil shield and the honored shield are very good for that. An full honored spear would be good too. He was at 16000 when i moved in that position, ( already healed 4000) and i died when he was at 4000. i made a raged attack, and you see i was at 3400 when i maded my next and final rage attack. With a rage attack every 500 life, you will get him. Equipment: 2 stun, 2 ambush and 3 assaults. Use he legendary meleewepons that draw cards to get that card or to get more -5 efforts cards. Dont use the honored handflammer, except for ammo , the combiflammer is the better weapon, because of the movement of the lord in the beginning of you fight.
  4. And the skills, the last skilltree is a waste of coins, so i dont have it
  5. My equipment: in stead of the honored hammer i would prefer a full honred speer, but i dont have one.the assaults are great, the ambush is great too, with the honored combiflammer, you fired at the one ranged necron, that fired at me to trigger the ambush. Make a full attack and have a rage of90 with one shield left. So the next attack will trigger your rageattack.
  6. I did it! ALONE! but he helead 4000 points so i still needed a life rune: The trick is to stay in the right position, so only a small number of minions will attack this postion the lord attacks you, the one ranged necron to my left attack me and the necron 2 position behind the necron lord fires at you. And the sorcerer will fire a beam sometimes at you.the rest normal discards. So i could trigger the ambush whenever i wanted it with the combiflammer. With skilled infast rage, its possible to get him . h
  7. Advice on deck: one wolf card, 3 stun cards, one honored thunderhammer, one equipement card to trigger ambush,( heretic bane, honored handflammer, blazing fury or honored cobiflammer) 3ambush, all cheap teleports you have, all mlegendary hammers you have,1 honored shield,1 anvil shield( better would be a second honored shield) no dragon shield! If you dont want to use the ambush cards, then use 3 assault cards with 2 heretic bane weapons, that with 3 swords of russ got good results, but i meleted my heretic bane weapon for pvp reseon.. maybe i get a new one someday.. the honored spear my might be a good weapon here, instead of the thunderhammer, but i dont have a full copy, try it if you have one. some conclusions: its seeams, that the necorn lord dont uses heal very often. I got some games where he didnt use his healing powers. When you teleport down from the plattform, you can send a wolf to help karl, but that will trigger some non-respawning necrons. Better is to teleport down on your side and send a wolf back to your starting point. For that you need to trigger an ambush, zeleport down, summon the wolf and need something to give you rage to 100% or you have to waste a lot of time. Current best Taktik on solorun: restart the mission if you dont have a wolf on your hand. Summon him direktly on your right side. let karl die quickly, he must stay near the entry point and do as much damage as he can on ranged necrons. He can activate the first bridge to your side, but he should adance any further.When he die the rest of his necrons run to you. You wait for them under the platform, you trigger the knights in the meantime and kill everything that advance to you. When the last of karls ranged necrons are dead, you need a wolf in play, and teleport to the platform and stun the lord with your second action. The problem is that you will triggering 2 respawning necrons. The wolf must be in range for them so they can follow him to your starting point. if you bring the necron lord lower than 10000, bevor you die, then you can use a liferune.
  8. Did my 3 run today, with squad of course, could get the box, karl survived too, scout companion survived ( both where at 1000 hps) only harald died and again, i needed a life rune. I did a lot of mistakes in that run, without them i think its possible to defeat the lord alone, in fact, i did all the damage by my hero, i was completly surrounded by the enemys melee chars, so i wouldnt take much more damage if would be my conclusions for the next run: you cant lure the necron lord to the islands, i sended a wolf out to aktivate him and let the wolf run to the room below. He teleportet into that room fired at my hero, killed my wolf. Then he healed and walked back to his rooms, ignoring my hero, who was one telport away from him...... but when he can teleport down, i can teleport up! With that i think i come to him with more hps and kill himallone. I think i need a full honored hand flamer to try that or a better blazing fury to aktivate my ambush cards. I could do alot of damage and got my final ragepoints with the damage done to me by his minions. You can rage about 3 times before he take his next action, (if he was stunned). Thats a lot of damage with a terminator....see no way to do that with powerarmor. A cunning scout might have a chance but he will need hours.
  9. And today after 9 month playing i got my first copy of e. Tears. When i habe 31 more and a full copy i write again... i think thats in 10 years.
  10. I know that fealing, i have 2 full copyes( 32 cards) of some exeptional cards, but only got 12 E Teleport. I got my first one even after i managed to win weave 10 in survival....i can only say, buy booster and forge on hard to maximise the Rare teleport cards, i only need 4 more to my 3 full copies....
  11. It is, i have it now too, so its okay for me... i dont play so agressiv on it but it improves my personal strategie tooo. i have to upgrade it first of course, but thats fine. a top player gives you 5000 damage with that weapon and about 40 effort for your main char. Its possible for him to kill onother marine of yours with this as collateral damage too. So its his 2 remaineing marines against your one marine... and you only have a small hps left....if you dont play powerarmor, you are dead from the 5000 damage anyway. and the misschance is not a big problem, you get the stun even when you miss.
  12. What is the bst pvp armor? And what armor do you play? bevor the update, it the powerstruktur was 1 Scout (long time nothing) 2. Terminator 3 powerarmor. now i thing it is 1. Powerarmor 2. Scout 3 terminator the reason is simple: powerarmor now has jumppack for 2 and 2 good new skills. He dont need high legendary cards to win. You need ragecards, like the other armor , but not a specific one like the scout needs a full honored snipergun. If you have blazing fruy you are the new god. The scout has lost because of the wolf change, which took himdown from godstatus to the normal status. The terminator lost his 0 effort teleport, and got his rsge bonus reduced for not killing an opponent, which might be okay, but he only got one usable skill. The last skilltree is completly wortless in pvp and in survival. Maybe the extra armorskill for companions is okay in campaign, but in the hardest mission, the last one with solorun, its still useless. I didnt buy it. And the only honored use melee weapon, the honored chainsword II ( i dont count the knife, thats a toy in the eyes of a terminator) is not allowed for terminator, even when in offical description is written its for all types of armor. I played terminator bevor the update in pvp, i changed to powerarmor in pvp and still playing terminator in survivalmode, where the terminator still rules. Beeing mostly undamaged at the end of weave 10 says it still a good armor. ( i have good legendary cards for that armor) In the pvp ladder, first place is a cunning scout, but i think thats because people dont know how to fight a cunning scout. The second is a powerarmor with blazing fury, dealing 5000 damage in one turn. The blazing fury is nearly impossible to beat when in the hand of a powerarmor.. I played against both, can only say the scout is the easier opponent on the longrun both will changed places. The rest of top 20 is mostly powerarmor. Some are not level 17 at the moment. Some (like me) dont have high legendary cards, for that armor i have only 1 level 3 card, rest is level 2. But i am near the rage card maximum. Which helps a lot.
  13. Next game, again 5000 damage , same situation, but i lost 1 spacemarine too and was on 42 stun... so his remaining 2 marines killed me..... but i thing we have the number of damage you must survive in a siingle turn....,
  14. Well i finaly won once agains denisfrolov , his limit was 5000 damage with blazing fury in a single turn... well being in rage and on 3300 hps ( thanks to healing powerup) was enough, when he had a bad draw....for me its still ridicules.
  15. You are right, and yes i am playing ios, but thats not my question, does all android players have automatic access to blazing fury, or need they at least one promocode for it?