Forum Rules


Welcome to the HeroCraft forum!
Our forum is intended as a platform for friendly communication between players and discussion of our games. We try to provide a pleasant and welcoming environment and that is why we ask you to treat other community members with respect.
In our forum, you are welcome to:
- share your gaming experience, findings, videos and screenshots with other players;
- discuss the balance specifics and mechanics of our games;
- ask questions and get them answered by other players as well as by the developers;
- follow the news and the updates.


In our forum, the following things are strictly forbidden:
- swearing or using profane language (including self-censored language – i.e. using asterisks (***) to mask words), offensive behavior and trolling;
- insulting other players, developers, or third parties, arguing and squabbling;
- creating topics that personally appeal to certain forum participants. For personal communication, please use private messages;
- flooding and spamming: any off-topic posts are highly unwelcome; links to third-party resources will be deleted;
- posting meaningless messages just to say something (i.e. "+1", "cool", smileys with no words, etc.);
- posting new threads on a topic that is already being discussed in the forum, creating similar threads in several sections of the forum;
- excessive use of smileys in one message (more than five in a row);
- provoking racial, ethnic, religious, and other conflicts;
- creating more than one account per user.


Posting rules:
- use appropriate, descriptive thread titles that reflect the gist of the thread. Do not use meaningless names ("Question!", "Help!", etc);
- use standard font color for your posts. The use of other colors is only allowed for highlighting an important point!