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  3. Special update for PC. Iron Priests have prepared for you the special update arranged to coincide with the Summer Sale on Steam. What's new: -Fully reworked armour models of Valgard and his squadmates. -Completely new arena for PvP battles. -Minor bug fixes and optimisations. For Russ! For the Allfather!
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  5. A question, is blazing fury aviable only by promocode, or does all android players have access to it?
  6. Fire's tactic above worked for me. Managed to get most of the bots (including the heavys that arrive later) to chase Harald back to near the start point which helped massively! You have to get a bit lucky with the chest though, and haven't managed to get that weakling Karl to survive yet let alone complete it only with them... that must be near impossible surely! I'd be well impressed to hear if anyone manages that without some kind of cheat tweak! 2 out of 4 skulls good enough for level 17 though for me thankfully!
  7. Bit of a game breaker this weapon for sure! I have to get REALLY lucky to win against a top player with Blazing Fury. It annoys me allot that its only available for some players... a wee bit unfair perhaps?
  8. Обновление PC-версии Железные Жрецы подготовили для вас специальное обновление PC-версии, приуроченное к началу летней распродажи в Steam. В частности, были полностью переработаны модели брони Вальгарда и его соратников. Добавлена новая арена для PvP сражений и проведена небольшая оптимизация.
  9. i think we should fight the boss on the starting point of the hero. At one of the islands where the boxes are. Then the reinforcemt cant reach the hero so fast and you only have to deal with him, when he is in front of you. By the way can he teleport? and dont move with your squads on karls side more then the first island, that would bring more spawn to the other side!!!!
  10. Well he did 4000 damage because of my rage damagereduktion and had lost the game if he got another turn. That the diffwnce to your scout taktik, you couldnt do 4000 hp damage Without raging and taking another turn. bevor the update i could win against that with my terminator, level 0 teleports and jumppacks for 3 instead of 2 made the difference.that was hard but sometimes possible. My powerarmor build was done, because i didnt want to die by 2000 mage in a single turn... well they can do 4000.... and i am sure he could do more....
  11. I tried the blazing fury strategy earlier, and it wasn't working for me as much as had hoped... (altho still the best strategy I came up for a power armor) The mis rate is quiet high and that works against it. Also keep in mind that doing over 2200HP can be easly be achived by either scout or terminator aswell. My tactic was always to do 2500+ damage in 1 turn, before the expension. This became harder since now you need to do 3900+ damage I mostly use my squadmates to block my opponent and they don't do that much damage....
  12. I have similar cards that were posted here, I was trying multiple times without success. It doesn't matter which side I push on the other one get hammered. Best try was with terminator armor rush to boss without add killing to get boss on 2K hp with life rune already spent (as he was on 6K). Would be nice to have option to choose to start with all squad mates on one side. Otherwise it is just a suicide run with luck based card draw/hit chance.
  13. Every single game I have played in PvP has been bugged-the same @&$ing bugs that have never been dealt with or fixed -now they happen everygame! I give up-I am done with this game,it really is a waste of time now.A broken mess! Zero timer/can't move but timer is going down-crash-random short timer-ambush cards do not add extra time-and all thw rest.Devs release 'bug update' but do not care to list what has been fixed.
  14. Interesting
  15. Well, how can you fight against the promocard blazing fury? The flamer that gives you +1 action. I am playing ios, so i dont get it for myself. For me its impossible to win against that weapon. In legendary you often find enemys with that weapon. I was playing terminator in the last,season, but now i invested my gold to get powerarmor to max, because i didnt see a chance against that weapon woth my terminator. Yesterday i was close. After some lucky draws, I was on 2200 hps, the enemy shot me into rage and stuned me to 4 efforts. His commander (powerarmor too) was on 120 hand got his turn he was burning to 55 hps. It was his turn and i know i only have to survive one turn, when the lasting damage of the honored combiflammer will do 65 again. I was playing powerarmor, so i only got 50% damage per hit while in rage. Should be an impossible to loose situation. But he realy did the 4000 damage with the fury... ended by effort Around 80.....i realy see no chance to win against that. I can play terminator or powerarmor but i see no strategie against that. I can only say that weapon should be a use weapon not an equip weapon, or everyone should get accesss to that weapon.
  16. mmm but damagetype is flamer and i must reload the combiflamer with a flamer not with a bolter....
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  18. I don't think that's a bug. You can't use the combi weapons to reload either. In the tabletop games the combi weapons were described as having a one shot capacity for their non- bolter weapon. Much like a under barrel grenade launcher on a real world rifle.
  19. Promethium mastery (+20 to flamers) doesnt work with the honored combi flamer
  20. I'm stuck in a similar situation right now. My wolf finished off the last enemy in wave 6 with its first bite. After the narrative cleared I tried to end its turn. It goes to the confirmation question, adds the effort and then crashes. When it resets to having the action back. I've tried moving with all of my remaining cards and just staying in place but I get the same result each time. I sent the moderator a message.
  21. I just played indepth and his wolf walked over my mine and died then I overwatched his dead wolf that wasn't even there.I shot at an empty square.
  22. Just had a strange game vs a scout player called "LEMRUS" when it started we we had no teammates. It was only my hero vs him. in the game happened strange things like I could not finish my move and in next turn I had only 4 cards without having used one before and without being s hit or shot. whole game seemed corrupted. please check this.
  23. Same is true for damage taken or 30% more damage if you play powerarmor. The wolf doesnt count as a squadmate. when you use a shield with this skill, does your hero get an additional shild like veteran armor does, or do your hero get the normal bonus?
  24. The new level 17 Armoured Pack upgrade does not add armor to summoned wolves. The text refers specifically to squad mates, where as Harald's Sheild, which does add armor to wolves, uses the term "allies". Are allies & squad mates different entities or is this a bug?
  25. I had one today.. i am playing ios on ipad air. It was the beginning of weave 4 . I walked to a melee char killed him wiht my commander with a hammer. The game crused at the moment i hit him. I restarted it, he was gone and had left a grenade. I have no action left. I want to finiish my turn. But i always disconnect then. I tryed it multiple times, but i cant end my turn. I am always at the point where have no action left and can only finish my turn. When i press the nd my turn button, isee the wolf emblem and conectin to server.... i managed to ended the turn once by pressing the end of turn button very fast with the result i didnt see my card anymore and could only toogle the speed button to 1* or 2*. When i restart again i am still before the end of my turn.
  26. КОМНАТА ОТДЫХА Творчество и юмор Андрей Егоршев разгадал чем же занимаются на самом деле всем знакомые по заставке главного меню персонажи. При этом Илья Романович предположил, что "хмырь" на самом деле "используется для транспортировки "С" оружия из кузни в колоду". Ashly Clairisse прошлась по также знакомой многим теме очередей, которые порой возникают даже в самых неожиданных местах: - Извините, брат Карл принимает? - Нет, у него сейчас сложная операция. - Я на секунду - только спросить. - Нет уж, я тут три века в очереди стою. Тут уже несколько жуков пролезли без очереди - только спросить. - У вас талон на какое тысячелетие? Денис Мерков увидел в этом игровом моменте аналогию "Стенка на стенку как в 90-х", которая в буквальном смысле некоторым игрокам может быть знакома до боли. Ну а Влад Рига заметил, что конкурсы Командования столь увлекательны, что в них не прочь принять участие даже набравший 107 оу Лупер! До новых встреч, уважаемые читатели! В теме форума "Обсуждение статей, комментарии и предложения" вы можете оставлять свои комментарии для редакции дайджеста, делиться мнением об опубликованных материалах и предлагать идеи для дальнейших выпусков. Fenris hjolda!
  27. КОНКУРСЫ И ГОЛОСОВАНИЯ Важен каждый голос! Как мы писали в прошлом выпуске, командование гарнизона запустило конкурс на самого меткого фото-охотника. Выбирайте самые лучшие пикт-изображения и выкладывайте их в этот альбом. Ну а сегодня мы посмотрим чего же интересного Волки уже успели "настрелять". Нина Меньшикова прислала несколько удачных кадров с не менее меткими ремарками: А Сергей Монахов сумел показать чем же закончилась эта встреча "один на один": Хотя мы то уж с вами знаем, что за каждым волком всегда стоит коварный Скаут! Ну а Ruslan Ry считает, что умелый скаут способен скинуть так много ОУ, что это позволит даже вернуться во времени и остановить Хоруса! Напоминаем, что жюри ждет яркие моменты ваших похождений по новым локациям Саги до 25 июня. От каждого конкурсанта принимается не более 5 кадров. Илья Романович решил устроить опрос, посвященный весьма занятной теме использования "Рун жизни" в процессе прохождения "Саги". К сожалению, в нем приняло участие весьма скромное количество Волков. Так что Командование выражает благодарность за разумную инициативу Роману и намерено в дальнейшем повторно провести этот вопрос, дабы собрать наиболее развернутую статистику.
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