Revival 2


84/100 MobileGameFAQS

To conclude, this game is huge. It's packed in everything we've come to expect and added a couple of interesting additions (like the negotiations). The number of levels are enough to keep anyone happy and once you get used to the controls and movement you will keep coming back. You can save at any time and although we weren't able to try it, apparently you can play together using one device. If it weren't for the minor quibbles this would get an ice cold, but a gold award from us is still a great achievement! One for all fans of God games.


89/100 AirGamer

Dank der gegenüber dem Vorgänger verbesserten Steuerung sowie der überarbeiteten Bedienoberfläche haben nun auch Anfänger eine Chance. Falls es Ihnen allein zu langweilig wird, dürfen Sie auch mit zwei Spielern an demselben Handy spielen.



Revival 2 est une bonne suite. Il améliore encore le gameplay du premier opus, et propose surtout une réalisation en nette progression.


9/10 MTOG

Согласен, в этой игре не совсем идеален звук, может и есть над чем поработать в плане геймплея, но на данный момент, если смотреть на игру в целом, то никаких недостатков не видно вообще.

Revival 2

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Revival 2

Revival 2 is a huge scale strategy game that is on a par with its PC ancestors in its breadth of opportunities.

Revival 2 keeps all the best features of the genre such as mining resources, building of towns and development of science, land and sea battles, experience and upgrades. Moreover it makes a tremendous step forward offering users more than TWO THOUSAND game maps! Also an important innovation is the possibility of playing together using one device. A good complement to this is the revamped political system and a large number of diplomatic tools of influence. High-quality modern graphics will allow you to examine in detail dozens of diverse landscapes, types of units and buildings. Carefully considered user interface, simple controls, advanced artificial intelligence and new game mechanics make your galaxy conquest interesting and comfortable.

Revival 2 – the universe is waiting for a new master!




  • Designed in the tradition of Sid Meier’s “Civilization”
  • Opportunity to play together on a single phone
  • Tremendous game spaces – over 2000 planets which can be conquered
  • Strategic map of the universe
  • Adjustable difficulty level
  • Diplomacy - as a useful game-tool, politics - as an important part of game-play
  • 25 buildings and 25 types of military units
  • Plot campaign
  • Opportunity to play against up to 6 rivals
  • All the features of turn-based strategy are included: mining resources, building of towns and development of science, land and sea battles, experience and upgrades
  • Isometric graphics and atmospheric music.

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