Growing Pains


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Growing Pains

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Growing Pains

Sure racing cars and shooting bad guys can be fun but it’s not how you spend your average day is it?! Growing Pains deals with the issues that really matter to us girls - boys, fashion, music and money!

Growing Pains is a selection of mini-games based on the lives of 5 sisters, Helena, Victoria, Amy, Becky and Isobel. Helena has to pick the right outfit for the right occasion to bag herself a rich husband, Victoria needs to work hard at her waitressing job to earn money for a gig ticket, Amy has to practice her goalkeeping skills before the next big match, Becky must find a way to help her friends in the Maths test and all Isobel’s concerned with is collecting her favourite toys and sweets.

Each mini-game is easy to pick up but hard to master, with bright colourful graphics and great characters Growing Pains is fun for kids and big kids alike!



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